Pass It On Award Winners

Pass It On Awards Program

The Systers Pass It On Awards Program honors Anita Borg’s desire to create a network of women technologists helping one another. The cash award helps fund women in computing or projects that inspire and support girls and women to enter computing. We encourage recipients to “pass on” the benefits they gain from the award, creating a movement of women helping women.

Meet the Pass It On 2023 Award Winners:

Frida Ndi Eposi

Empowering Young Women Through STEAM Education and Mentorship Program

"It is an absolute honor and privilege to be named this year's winner of the Anita B. Org Pass it on Award. This recognition validates the unwavering commitment and hard work that I have dedicated to empowering young women leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to pass on the knowledge, support, and inspiration that I have received throughout my journey. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, amplifying the voices of women and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in technology."

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Anne-Sophie Frederick

Haitech Coding

"Haitech Coding is beyond grateful to have received this Award. The club has come a long way. It feels great to be recognized and supported. Thank you!"

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Olive Mukarugamba

Technology that Allows Women with Disabilities to Soar

"I am very excited to hear this good news and this project will impact women with disability and help them to regain hope in their hearts."

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Beatriz Oliveira

Comunidade SysAdminas

"I am thrilled to win the Pass It On award for the second consecutive year. I feel incredibly honored by this recognition and happy to be able to continue assisting Brazilian women in advancing in the field of technology through my volunteer work in the SysAdminas community. Thank you so much, Systers and"

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Aghama Moriah Jesurobo

Digital Women Bootcamp 

"It is such an amazing feeling to be named a Syster's Pass It On Award Winner. Reflecting on how I started the Digital Women Bootcamp, the challenges and the accomplishments we have recorded, I feel honored to be recognized by Systers and I also do have a renewed sense of commitment towards empowering women especially those who would ordinarily not be able to afford the cost of training for the in-demand skills courses we offer to our participants on scholarship. I believe this award will contribute significantly as we scale our impact and advance women in technology."

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Sharon Musabuwera

Integrating Women Ex-inmates into Society with Technology 

"It is a blessing for me to be among this year's winners and this project will enhance female ex-inmates skills on computer basic education."

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Gloria Uwihanganye

Accessible Tech Solutions for Blind Women

"After being informed that this project was accepted among winners, I thanked God for being among winners. This project will create the smile in blind women as they will also be included in nowadays' technology."

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Shobha G

Teach Coding Skills in Your Native Language Using AI

"I am really honored and grateful to receive this incredible award, it is a testament to my hard work and dedication. This award has boosted my confidence and determined to promote females in computing and thus increase their opportunity of employment. Thank you Systers Pass It On Award Committee and for considering me for this award."

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Sarila Ngakhusi

Empowering Young Women in Nepal to be Tech Leaders

"I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honored to be named this year's winner of AnitaB's Syster Pass It On Awards. It reaffirms my commitment to mentor, support, and uplift other women in technology, paying forward the opportunities and encouragement that have come my way. With this award I am hopeful that the fellowship program will reach more people from minorities and financial troubled backgrounds."

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Adina Magavina

Teaching Girls Competitive Programming

"I am very happy that I became a winner, it inspires me. Thanks to everyone who made Pass it On Awards possible!"

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