A global ecosystem created by women, for women, improving the computer science industry.

Systers was originally developed as an electronic mailing list for women working in computer science. Today it continues to provide a private, safe online space for women involved in all technical aspects of computing to grow, learn and, succeed. Gain support by networking, sharing advice and experiences, and collaborating on various projects. We welcome women of all ages and at any stage of their studies or careers.

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Systers hosts 20 different affinity groups where women technologists can connect with and offer support to members of their self-identified cultures.

Our community of women helping women!

The AnitaB.org Systers Pass It On Awards is giving funds to support initiatives built by women meant to improve the lives of women in communities around the world. Join this community of individuals that continue to inspire social good and encourage more women and girls to enter the tech industry.

Meet Some of the Systers Leaders

Alma Castillo
Systers Spain

Meriam Gay Bautista
Filipinas in Computing

Rieko Nokand
Japanese Women in Computing

Neetu Jain
Indian Women in Computing

The Syster Who Started It All

Anita Borg started Systers in 1987 as the first worldwide online community for women to connect about working in the field of computer science. It began as a way for women who were often cut off from each other to connect with one another, and has grown over the years to thousands of members in over 53 countries.