Pass it On Awards

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The Systers Pass It On Awards program honors Anita Borg’s desire to create a pipeline and community of women technologists empowering one another to improve the future by providing financial resources to amplify their impact.

Pass it On (PIO) celebrates Anita Borg’s vision of a network where women technologists are supporting each other every day. This award helps women working in or aspiring to work in the computing field to launch and/or expand the project of their dreams. Since 2007 PIO projects have both inspired women to become the future of tech and become a solution for many social inequalities around the globe - many that often result in women receiving less business and career opportunities as their male counterparts. We encourage recipients to “pass on” the benefits they gain from the award to create this unstoppable movement of women helping women. Individuals who are dedicated to empowering other women in their communities through innovative and inclusive tech solutions are encouraged to apply. With this year's PIO Awards, Systers continue to show their commitment to diverse entrepreneurship, and equitable opportunities by awarding 10 winners $1,000 and complimentary registration to the Grace Hopper Celebration 2024.

The Impact of Systers Support Around the World

Systers have awarded over 100 women the Pass it On Award

Winners include applicants from more than 20 countries

Systers and have given over $75,000 in funding

Meet the Past Winners!

"I applied to the PIO Award to help those young children in my area to have access to equipment which they couldn’t afford. I encourage future applicants to always be genuine and with passion. Find a problem - even a small problem - in your area which has a great impact on your life and community and just apply." - 2022 Winner

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How to Apply

Apply as an Ideator

Do you have an innovative idea you believe can change the world but haven’t launched? This award is for your jumpstart. Your project should demonstrate a creative and sustainable use of technology to solve or create a better solution for a problem in society that affects women. There should be a completed project plan and detailed overview of its potential impact on the community.

Apply as a Founder

You are an individual who has already established and launched a project, product, or startup. You are responsible for driving its development and success but you may have a team or community of individuals supporting the daily operations and success of your project. There should be a completed project plan and detailed overview of its impact on the community.

  • All submissions must be in English.
  • A brief project description
  • A detailed project plan
  • Detailed budget
  • Forms of reference
  • Optional materials:
    • Photos, audio interviews, videos etc.
    • CV/resume, digital or video portfolio of your work


  • Must reside in any of the following countries: See here
  • Are at least 18 years old as of May 24, 2024
  • Applications must be submitted through the official application form and cannot be emailed
  • You must include your full name, contact details, and all required project documentation

We encourage projects of all stages and areas of impact to apply. Here are some examples:
  • Projects that seek to inspire more girls and women to enter into the computing field
  • A mentorship program and/or other supportive groups for women in technology 
  • A solution for inequities in an existing product
  • A broad or general project that directly benefits girls or women
Funding can cover  a variety of needs including but not limited to:
  • Increasing research & development
  • Purchase of tools to build a more sustainable product/initiative
  • Founding capital
  • Resources to scale your vision
  • Increase team capacity
  • Assistance with educational fees and materials
  • As funding source for larger a scholarship

Winner Benefits

  • Financial award of $1,000.00 USD
  • Complimentary in-person registration to GHC24 (travel & accommodations not included)
  • Invitation to Systers Networking Reception at GHC24
  • * Prize Disclosure

    The deadline to apply is July 1st, 2024 5pm PT  (8 p.m. ET)

    The Syster Who Started It All

    Anita Borg started Systers in 1987 as the first worldwide online community for women to connect about working in the field of computer science. It began as a way for women who were often cut off from each other to connect with one another, and has grown over the years to thousands of members in over 53 countries.