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Searching for Messages


  1. A user doesn't remember when they saw the message and only remembers the contents of the message. A user might wish to query the archives for messages related to a few keywords. The keywords that the user is interested in may appear in the message's subject, content, or other headers.
  2. A user typing in a search query might misspell the query or not know how to spell a word properly.
  3. Users may want to find a conversation related to a topic they remember reading about on the mailing list before.
  4. Users might also want to start a new conversation but want like to check if the topic has already been discussed and/or see to what extent it was discussed (perhaps it wasn't discussed as in depth as they would prefer and thus they want to start another discussion about it).


  1. A search box is needed that can handle searching the message's subject line and body. Perhaps the user would like to specify which parts/headers to search.
  2. The user's query should be checked for common typos and a reminder should be returned to the user if there might be typos in the query.
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