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Systers Google Summer of Code - 2010

Welcome potential students! To begin please make sure you read through all of the information below.

About Systers - GSoC Applicants Read this First!


GSoC Applicants please join our public development list. Please view archives for answers to questions first -

Systers is on #systers-soc and #systers-dev - irc office hours.

  • Please use #systers-dev to talk with current development team
  • Please use #systers-soc for general GSoC conversations with other applicants
  • Instructions on how to use irc are here: irc how to

Projects and Applications

GSoC 2010 Suggested Projects

GSOC Application - Student application for Systers GSOC - SAMPLE - You still need to submit via Melange during the regular application period.

GSoC 2010 Student Projects

Setting Up Your Development Environment

How to set up your Development Environment - We recommend you use the pre-built Virtual Box Image.

Getting Started

2010 Mentors

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