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2013 Systers Mailman GSOC Project

Welcome to our Systers Mailman GSOC Project Information Page. Please view high level timeline for deadlines.
View detailed GSOC timeline»

GSOC 2013 Timeline:

Activity Date Comment
Mentoring Organization Application Deadline 29 March Systers completed application. Waiting to hear back on whether we were accepted.
Announcement of Mentoring Organizations Accepted 8 April ACCEPTED!
Start Engaging Systers Mailman GSOC community (Mentors and Potential Students) 9 Apr - 21 Apr Register on Systers-Dev listserv.
GSOC Student Applications 22 Apr 19:00 UTC - 3 May 19:00 UTC Apply early! Deadline is FINAL!
Slots Published for Mentoring Organizations 8 May Slots = how many students we are allowed for GSOC 2013
All Mentors Signed Up 24 May 07:00 UTC
Students Acceptance Choice Deadline 24 May
Bonding Period 28 May - 17 June
Coding Begins 17 June
Mid-Term Evaluations Due 2 Aug 19:00 UTC
Soft Pencils Down 16 Sep
Hard Pencils Down Deadline 23 Sep 19:00 UTC
Final Evaluation Deadline 27 Sep 19:00 UTC
Students Begin Submitting Sample Code 27 Sep
GSOC 2013 Results Announced 1 Oct
Mentor Summit @ Google 19-20 Oct Mountain View, CA


Mentors and Students, please review the following sections.


For more information about Mentoring, visit » GSOC 2013 Mentors Information Page


For more information about Mentoring, visit » GSOC 2013 Students Information Page

Systers Accepted Projects

Systers Mailman GSoC Students/Mentors

Assignments» GSoC 2013 Assigments.

Process » GSoC 2013 Systers Process

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