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2016 Systers GSOC Program

We will have all communications go through Slack, Systers OpenSource Slack Sign-up.

For complete details on how to get involved as a Mentor/Student with Systers in GSoC 2016, check out our blog post.

Systers OSS Projects

Systers are engaged in great social impact projects. Please see the list of projects below and click on their project links to visit their GitHub repo.

Peace Corps


Project Assignment

Project assignments are posted » HERE.

Student Profiles

GSoC 2016 Student Profiles are posted » HERE.

GSoC Weekly Progress Report Template

How do I get started with my project?

There is a bonding period for all accepted students. During this time, students should be looking over their projects, connecting with their mentor and establish some plan for what features will be done during the GSoC period, environment setup and other project related tasks.

How to Get Started

We'll have more information posted if we are accepted as a GSoC 2016 mentoring organization. Keep your fingers crossed! Lots of great work here.

Development and Testing Process

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