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2015 Systers GSOC Program

Welcome to our Systers Mailman GSOC Project Information Page.

GSoC 2015 Timeline

Systers OSS Projects

Peace Corps

  • Malaria
  • PeaceTrack
  • Ushahidi
  • Language Translation (Micronesia)
  • GIS Crowdsourcing for Deaf community
  • OVA
  • Mobile Application Control Center (MACC)


  • Portal
    • VMS
    • Meetup
  • Systers Features for Mailman 3
  • Automated Testing
  • PowerUp

More detailed information on projects is posted here »

How to Get Started

Office Hours

Most of our mentors and students will define their own schedule. Her Systers' Keeper has posted her officer hours here » Office Hours

Mentors and Students, please review the following sections

Systers GSoC 2015 Project Assignments and links to mentors and students profiles.



Development and Testing Process

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