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2014 Systers GSOC Program

Welcome to our Systers Mailman GSOC Project Information Page. Please view high level timeline for deadlines.
View detailed GSOC timeline»

GSOC 2014 Timeline:

Activity Date Comment
Mentoring Organization Application Deadline 14 February Systers completed application. Waiting to hear back on whether we were accepted.
Announcement of Mentoring Organizations Accepted 24 February ACCEPTED!
Start Engaging Systers GSOC community (Potential Mentors and Potential Students) 25 Feb - 10 Mar
GSOC Student Applications 10 Mar 19:00 UTC - 21 Mar 19:00 UTC Apply early! Deadline is FINAL!
Slots Published for Mentoring Organizations 9 Apr Slots = how many students we are allowed for GSOC 2014
All Mentors Signed Up 18 Apr 07:00 UTC
Students Acceptance Choice Deadline 21 Apr
Bonding Period 21 Apr - 19 May
Coding Begins 19 May
Mid-Term Evaluations Due 27 Jun 19:00 UTC
Soft Pencils Down 11 Aug
Hard Pencils Down Deadline 18 Aug 19:00 UTC
Final Evaluation Deadline 22 Aug 19:00 UTC
Students Begin Submitting Sample Code 22 Aug
GSOC 2014 Results Announced 25 Aug
Mentor Summit @ Google 25-26 Oct Mountain View, CA


Systers 2014 GSoC Student Profiles

As usual, we had extraordinary proposals this year, but what we could handle is 14 students this year.

Please check out our » Student Profiles.

Teams and Project Assignments

Final team and project assignments including mentor bios.

Office Hours

Most of our mentors and students will define their own schedule. However, our program manager and Her Systers' Keeper has posted her officer hours here » Office Hours

Mentors and Students, please review the following sections


For Systers GSoC 2014 mentors, visit » GSOC 2014 Mentors Information Page


For Systers GSoC 2014 students, visit » GSOC 2014 Students Information Page

Development and Testing Process

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