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Systers GNU Mailman Open Source Project

Thank you for joining us for Open Source Day at Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) 2013. Systers GNU Mailman (MM) is our customized version (MM2) of MM3. Please read carefully below the steps for getting started and what we will be doing the day of GHC. If you have any questions, please send them to Rose Robinson at rosarior at anitaborg dot org, <

Getting Started

The next couple of sections details 1) Support from the community and 2) Environment preparation. We'll help you setup the environment on Saturday, but if you want to go ahead and get started, that's fine too. We realize participants get excited about the open source and want to get at least get the environment setup.

Please review which tasks you would like to take on during OSD. If you're not sure what level you are, we'll figure this out together on Saturday. No pressure. This is supposed to be fun! :-D


1. Please subscribe for our systers-dev list. In this community, we discuss our on-going development for Systers GNU Mailman and our Google Summer of Code which our students have just completed. If you need help with any of the installation, you can always post to the list to get help.

2. Another venue for support is our IRC. Please join #systers-dev on IRC freenode network. Our GSoC students and and development community will be here to answer any questions as well.

3. We're currently trying to arrange a Goolge+ hangout with our GSoC students for morning session of OSD. This would great to help you get started with tasks.

Environment Preparation

We use a VM (Virtual Machine)for our development so that you can work on individual tasks and not disrupt the dev environment. Please prepare your VM systers-dev environment before OSD. If you have issues, you can always post to the list or ask your question on IRC.

GitHub Repository –» Use vagrant-systers repository,Systers dev machine

Task List

How do you determine your level?

If you are new to Python, Beginner's level tasks will give you an introduction to Python and our environment. We have a few bug fixes you can do to get acclimated with where things are as well as get your hands wet with Python. Try them out! If you feel you need more challenging levels, move on to Intermediate level.

Note: Beginner and Intermediate levels uses MM2, Advance are MM3

Beginner's Level

For those of you who are new to Python, try out the bug fixes below.

Resource: Codeacademy has great intro to Python online course for free that will give you basic fundamentals to get started.

Intermediate Level

2. Implement new Subscriber page

Currently the new subscriber page only has one essay box where potential members must answer 3 questions. This poses a problem, because at times, only 1 or 2 questions are answered and admins must send out manual emails to ask for additional information.

Implement new GUI that consists of the following fields:

3. Monthly Scripts

Currently, admins must extract data via web browser to an excel spreadsheet and manipulate data in excel to report monthly statistics on membership and engagement; a very time consuming process.

Implement report statistics script that can be scheduled for the following:
1) number of unsubscribes for :

  • via the members option page
  • web confirmation
  • email confirmation
  • disabled address
  • member mgt page

2) number of total unique subject lines
3) number of subscribers that posted

Additionally, would love to format this report and email (prompt user input for email address) it to admin.

More details:

4. Testing Automation

Implement a framework for automated tests to have reusable and automated scripts for regression testing.

  • Develop regression test scripts for footer message noted in Intermediate Level 1.
  • Develop regression test script for new subscriber fields noted in Intermediate Level 2.
  • Develop regression test script for monthly scripts noted in Intermediate Level 3.

Advance Level

Mailman's current release is 3.0 (Postorious). Here are some advance features you may want to work on at an advance level.

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