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GHC 2011 Open Source Day Project Outcomes

List here in short, clear bullet points what your project accomplished during Open Source Day.

    1. Google Person Finder had 30 participants at the event, each contributing effectively 4 hours of work (9:30 - 2pm with a 30-minute break).
    2. Participants worked in groups of 2-3, and each chose a task from a list of open issues.
    3. Two groups completed their task and had their code reviewed and submitted by the end of the codeathon. These were both bug fixes: 1) fixed outgoing feed to reflect that a person’s expiry date has changed and that a note has been marked/unmarked as spam, and 2) fixed toggling of visibility of notes marked as spam in the UI for viewing a person record.
    4. Additional contributions in progress include:
      • Improvements to the administrative dashboard and tools which make it easier to launch and maintain a new Person Finder instance.
      • Additional bug fixes
      • Testing improvements, including increased coverage.
      • UI Design: proposal for integrating Person Finder with social networks in an appropriate way.
      • Visualization: export of person record locations to KML for viewing on a map.
      • Mobile: several bugs/issues filed for improving the mobile experience.
    1. 19 women participated
    2. We got all 4 donated laptops installed with edubuntu
    3. We have an offline install of wikipedia and are currently working on an offline install of the Khan Academy videos (work continuing after codeathon)
    4. We have the GLPI web services installed and are working on getting it configured.
    5. We made GREAT progress on scripts for checking hardware on Linux and Windows.
    1. ~15 participants, 8 got new Launchpad accounts and joined our GHC Launchpad team.
    2. We installed our (very) new virtual machine development environment, found and corrected issues.
    3. We tried out our new developer tutorial (written during the recent Google Doc Sprint), and got excellent feedback.
    4. Got a start on an OpenStreetMap-related task, customizing the Potlatch editor.
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