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Systers Code Sprint at GHC09

Time: 16:00-20:00 - AST, Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where: GHC09 - Room: Tucson A

Need help setting up the development environment? - Meet Jennifer Redman and Andy Grover (he's the tall man walking around with a Systers ribbon on his badge) outside the Ania Pavilion during the general reception Wednesday evening. I'll post some more specific information about exactly where to find me. You can also follow me on twitter - jenred and I'll change the topic on systers-dev.

Which branch should I grab from Launchpad?

You want to use this branch: Development

Additional information on the Systers wiki - - including a task-list and some “Before you Sprint” information that covers development environment setup.

The task list is likely to change – there are a few additional items that will be added. Please feel free to add yourself to the list under each task if you are interested in working on that item. You do need to create an account to edit the wiki.

We have one final very pesky bug that is preventing us from rolling out some of our new features developed this summer by our GSoC students. Looking forward to some additional eyes on the code! I still need to go through and update some bug reports but there will be an additional task dedicated to squashing a couple of bugs.

What about food?

16:15-16:30 - The room for the Code Sprint is directly across from the Ania Pavilion - which is where the Thursday afternoon break is scheduled. You should feel free to grab some snacks and bring them along with you to the Code Sprint.

18:15-19:15 - The General Reception – with, to quote Deanna K from the ABI, “massive amounts of food and beverage” is scheduled to take place in the Arizona and Tucson Foyers – right outside the door of the room where we are holding the Code Sprint. This will be a good time for a break to grab some additional fuel to fortify ourselves for the next few hours.

Who should come?

If you look at the task list there are items that should appeal to a large range of skillsets. Please don't worry about being new at code-sprinting or Open Source development. We are all very kind and understanding when it comes to beginner-type questions. Please stop in if you are interested in getting more involved in the Systers development effort (we need your help), would like to learn more about our Google Summer of Code Projects and our future plans (we need more mentors, and students this is a great way to get involved before next year). If you are running another Open Source Project, please stop by the Code Sprint to introduce yourself and talk about your community with other potential contributors.

You don't need to be a current Syster (we'd love it if you joined after).

What if I don't have a laptop?

We are going to be pair-programming, so those of you who don't have a laptop to bring along we'll just match you up with someone who does.

What if I'm not coming to GHC09 can I still be involved?

Sure. Join the irc channel ( #systers-dev) and we'll see if we can include you via irc.

Let me know if you have any additional questions -

Hope to see you at the Sprint!

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